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Looking for debbie-ducic-5kmKb2Jql-U-unsplashsome well-researched, well-thought-out articles on health? Take a look below for samples on a variety of topics. These articles have been ghostwritten and to protect the client’s privacy these are a few quotes from published articles.  For the complete article, please send an email to

Healthy Eating

“Summer break is just days away and that means… Road Trip! Getting into the car to explore the country allows more time to spend with the family. Tummies can start to grumble, and unfortunately, the most convenient places to stop for a snack are typically a fast food restaurant or a gas station. Packing a snack is a healthy alternative and convenient, fewer stops along the road allows for more time to site see!”

The Dentist (Yikes!)

“Dentist offices are full of hard-working and friendly people. Once you have found someone you like, try visiting the office before your appointment. It will ease your mind that you have met the staff before your first appointment with them.”

Surgery & Recovery Tips

“Physical therapy will help manage the pain by slowly adding activity to your knee. Be patient and know your limits. It is best that you keep moving but don’t do too much all at once.

Your physical therapist will give you exercises to do. You should expect exercises like partial knee bends, hip abductions, and riding a stationary bike. Your physical therapist will encourage you to take walks. Increase the time spent walking little by little until you are feeling like yourself once again.”

Disabilities & Disorders

“For those living with cognitive problems, like Alzheimer’s, wandering can be an issue. Patients with memory loss can become easily disoriented or lost, this is known as wandering. For both the caregiver as well as the patient, wandering can be a frightening experience. There have been cases where the person has been lost for days and sometimes wandering has resulted in death.”

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