copywriterWhen it comes to paying for advertisements, trying to tackle the whole web is impossible to do. I like to encourage clients to pick one area and invest time there. Advertisements are expensive, and I understand how critical it is to have written content that is organic and down-to-earth. A pet peeve of mine is copy that comes off as too cheesy, and I aim to avoid that tone of voice. I want to get to know you and your company and let people know who you are in words that resonate with them.

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Product descriptions handled via your website are clearly described and optimized for SEO. 

Market Research

lightbulb (4)Paid advertising wouldn’t be worth it unless you know how to target your audience. After our free initial consultation, I use the information about your audience and tailor copy that speaks to them while standing out against your competitors. 

Approved Ads the First Time, Every Time

Copy of daniwiconsWith all my years of blogging and web content experience, I know what it takes to write copy that will resonate with the reader. When it comes to advertising on social media, ad policies are incredibly strict. Get an ad denied too many times, and you put yourself at risk of getting your account shut down. I make it so that your copy is compliant the first time, every time.

Quick Turnaround

Copy of daniwicons (1)All my services come with a quick turnaround with up to three revisions. Although I will promise you that the first draft will be the only draft you’ll need.

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I have all the tools, a quiet office setup, and attention to detail that makes for the ideal digital marketing specialist. Contact me at to see if my skills can help you with your marketing goals.