7 Ways To Effectively Use Social Media To Promote Your Content


You finally created a fantastic website for your business. It took a lot of work and research but now here comes the other half of maintaining a website, promoting it. No matter how many keywords and SEO tricks that you have used, you’ll still need that extra push to grab people’s attention.

Here are 7 ways to effectively use social media to promote your content.

Find what social media outlet works best for your industry

Facebook and Twitter are the largest social media outlets on the web. But, that doesn’t mean that they will help promote your business. For example, if you run a job board site, using LinkedIn to promote it would peak the attention of a larger group of people. Do your research before you sign up for various accounts to make sure they are worthwhile and won’t take away time from other aspects of your business.

Use visuals to pull readers in

Catch a reader’s eye when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed with an interesting picture or meme. If you’re not much of a photographer, you can use stock photos from sites like Shutterstock or Creative Commons. You can also spice up a stock photo with Canva.com and create your own free meme, banner, or picture ad.

Headlines are just as important as the content itself

Fun and creative headlines are more likely to catch your audience’s attention but don’t mislead them. A misleading title may draw them in, but you’ll see an increase in bounce rate on your site. Remember, you want to create a unique headline to differentiate you from your competitors.

Find the right time of day to post

It is easy to click the “share” button whenever you want. However, in order to reach the maximum amount of people, you’ll need to know when they are most active on social media. Once you have figured that out, you can then create a time to post every day.

Poll the audience

The only way you are going to know what interests your audience is if you ask them. Quiz your followers or let them chime in what their thoughts are on a particular topic. Questions are a great way to engage with your audience and promote your product or services.

Use online communities to your advantage

A social media community doesn’t stop at the reader’s newsfeed. There are thousands of groups within Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter platforms. Bring awareness to your blog or website by contributing as much as possible to these online communities.

By utilizing one or all of these ways, you’ll have a higher chance at driving social media traffic to your website or blog.

3 Tips I Share With Clients When They’re Starting a Business


More recently than ever I am running into friends and family who want to run a business. One of my mom friends sent her guy to preschool this year and found herself with a lot of time on her hands. So, she took her hobby of horseback riding and is about to launch a sole proprietorship. She’s nervous about making money, marketing herself, and pretty much how to do it all.

With my experience starting a business, as well as helping others maintain one, these are the three tips I gave her to give her the confidence needed to succeed.

Create a profile on LinkedIn

In today’s workplace, having a LinkedIn profile is a must. This gives you the option to be discovered and contact potential clients. Interact with posts, people, and join groups. All of these will help others to get to know you and possibly turn connections into clients.

Patience is a virtue

It really is true that being patient is the most important part of running a sole proprietorship. If you get too hung up on finding clients, you’ll lose confidence in yourself. While waiting to see if your marketing tactics are working, find side gigs that will make you a more marketable person to do business with. For my friend, I told her to help out with others in her barn doing odds-and-ends jobs. People will see that you are a hard worker and take being your own boss seriously.

Build a website

Start your business by starting your own blog! Better yet, buy a domain (they are cheaper than you think) and build a website. In addition to LinkedIn profiles, website are now the new resume. Especially for freelancers or sole proprietorships. People need to see content, photos, and read articles that show your personality and work ethic. Written with search engine optimization in mind, you can reach others organically versus word of mouth. Plus, if you have ads or offer advertising space, the extra traffic can monetize your site.

Let’s Chat!

I have all the tools, a quiet office setup, and attention to detail that makes for writing error-free quality web content to get your business off and into the internet. Contact me at quillandinkenterprise@gmail.com to see if my skills can help you with your website development goals.

Content Marketing Made Simple

virtual assistant for hire

Hello Entrepreneurs!

Dani here. With this blog, I am ready to begin my journey as a content marketer for hire. By no means am I new to blogging or content marketing. A few years back, I started Bus Fair, a site that I used to vent about having epilepsy. It was more of a diary, so to speak, to write for whenever I got a break from my full-time receptionist job. When I agreed to go through surgery in 2015, I quit my job and became self-employed. I found myself following my passion for becoming a writer, writing for people’s blogs and helping them optimize their websites for SEO.

I encourage you to read through my posts for tips on blog management and to get a sense of my writing style. I’m here because I know handling a blog and email campaigns on top of creating a website while still managing a business all while giving yourself a break at the end of the day is a lot.

If you can relate, please send me an email to quillandinkenterprise@gmail.com to schedule your complimentary call. Let’s see how I can help you expand your business by taking over tasks weighing you down.