6 Virtual Assistant Tools To Simplify Your Life


I am OCD when it comes to maintaining my business, and using the right virtual assistant tools keeps me sane! If emails aren’t in their designated folders or I have to double-check my calendar, I begin to breathe heavy, sweat, and panic! Well… not really. But, an unorganized email inbox or lack of faith in a calendar is overwhelming and can cause problems when I am planning out my week. Take a look at these 6 free web tools that I highly recommend to any business owner to stay organized and on task.


First and foremost, every business owner should put on a good face via the web by adding a signature at the bottom of every email. Stand out and spice up your signature with WiseStamp. Add information like your phone number, website, and email address. Include your logo or a picture of yourself. Also, connect with your clients on social media faster by adding buttons linked to your accounts.


This is a CRM (Customer Relations Management) tool that can be installed in your Gmail account. With Streak, you can multitask, collaborate, and track emails. Even for personal use, it is great. Say you are job hunting and want to track job alerts and responses from potential employers. Set up a “Pipeline” for Career Search and keep all your notes in your inbox, versus in multiple areas like a spreadsheet or calendar.


Boomerang is another extension of Gmail that schedules when to send emails out. It also reminds you of when to send follow up emails. It is a great app for those who like to plan ahead.


If you sign a lot of documents, you’ll want to get HelloSign. This is an e-signature app that eliminates the process of printing the document, signing it, then scanning it back to the client. Instead, HelloSign keeps your digital signature on file. All you have to do is drag and drop your signature where your John Hancock is needed on the document. Poof! Signing contracts just got a whole lot easier!


Make scheduling your next meeting simple with Doodle. Set up an event and pencil in the date and times that you can meet with others. Doodle allows you to effectively communicate with several people all at once so that everyone is on the same page before the meeting.

Timer Tab

How many times do you get sucked into a project and miss a phone call? Or perhaps you spent too much time on one project and now have limited time to complete the other? With Time Tab, you can set up a timer so you’ll never be late or miss a conference call again. Plus you can also add fun timers from YouTube to get you out of that workday trance.

Do you still need some organization in your business?

That’s why I’m here! Please contact me for your FREE demo to see how my services can help increase engagement, gain followers, and free up your time. It takes less than five minutes to fill out. All I need to know is a little bit about your business and what you hope to get out of it.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Taking The Leap To Become Your Own Boss

freelance writer

Which is scarier: Brain surgery or becoming a freelancer?


Ha, I kid. Brain surgery was frightening, but it prepared me to face anything scary in life. That includes not returning back to work after my surgery. A thousand thoughts went through my head when I thought about whether or not I made the right decision. For me, what it came down to was I just spent an entire year in and out of the hospital and it was probably for the best that I eased back into a “normal” life. This included finding a job.

Then along came the idea to turn my passion for maintaining my blog into a business. Just like when deciding to have surgery, the idea came along with questions, worries, and stress. These are the questions I asked myself before taking a leap of faith into becoming a freelancer.

What will people think of me?

One thing that really got to me was what people thought of my new career path. Then it came to me… why should I care about what people think? The same went for my decision to have brain surgery. It wasn’t my neighbor’s head getting drilled into, it was mine! Be confident in your decisions and realize that it doesn’t matter what people think.

But what if I fail?

If is the key word here. I had that same thought about brain surgery. There was a 20% chance that it would fail and I spent some time worrying about that. It’s not like I could change the statistic, but I could change my attitude about it. Same with becoming a freelancer. Spending your time worrying about whether or not you’ll be successful, only takes away time and effort from doing so.

Should I take the plunge or wade in?

Both! If you do have a full-time job, don’t quit just yet. While you still do have a full-time job, spend your free time doing research, research, and more research.  It wasn’t until I did my research did I find out how many websites are out there where that you can make money on!

Will my identity be protected?

Just like in any job, you need to record your earnings so that when Tuesday, April 18th rolls around, you can properly file your taxes. Sending my SSN and picture ID to random sites made me uneasy. Unlike walking into an HR office with these important documents, you are sending them to someone you’ve never met before over the web. This goes back to doing your research first. Once you have verified that the site is reputable, then go with it. It is easy to think people are trying to scam you somehow, but have faith that whoever is on the backend of these websites is a hard worker just like you and wants to protect your identity.

It is scary to start a business and be a freelancer. Why not be scared together? If you’re looking for an experienced web content writer to get your site up and running for your business, give me a call. With good content you can rest assure your business will see the growth and success it deserves.

How To Leave Work At The Office, When Your Home Is Your Office

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You hear it all the time. You need to find a work-life balance or, “leave work at work.” But with more people working from home, where exactly are you suppose to leave work?

I found that to be a challenge at first. At quitting time, I would step away from my computer, but work would still follow me. I would think about what articles I needed to write for the next day, delegate priorities between clients, and somehow find time for myself. These five practices helped me leave work at the office, even though that office was down the hall from my bedroom.

Have an office, even if you don’t have the room

Not everyone has a room that they can call an office. But you should find a spot in your house where you commute to every day for work. Pick this spot based on how often you use it. For example, don’t make your bedroom your office. This will make it tough to shut off the mind at night. Your office may end up being your dining room table. Even though you visit it everyday for personal use, pack your computer and paperwork away each night before you use your dining room table, as a dining room table.

Virtually organize yourself

Organizational computer apps are one way to help maintain a healthy work-life balance. Trello is an example of an easy to use app that is a great way to organize yourself. You create lists and add cards to each of those lists. I use this with both clients and for personal use. Every morning I take a look at my list and organize the cards based on their priority. If something doesn’t get done that day, I look at what I have on deck for the rest of the week and organize my lists based on that.

Establish a routine

Even though being a freelancer gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, you still need to stick to a routine. Face it, if you get into the routine of slacking off all the time, you’ll go broke real quick. Instead, keep the 9 to 5 mentality. Get up and go to work just like you would with any job. Take an hour for lunch and give yourself a weekend, even if that means during the week instead of Saturday and Sunday.


Skipping out on exercise isn’t okay in the corporate world, and it is the same in the freelance world. Exercising gets you out of the house and gives you some time off to relax. Cardio workouts refresh the blood and keeps your mind clear. Also, exercise helps you to stay focused on expanding your career.

Combat loneliness

Hmm… talking to my dog and cat all day isn’t exactly ideal.

Working from home can get lonely. Instead of becoming a recluse, join a meetup to learn something new or go to networking events. I joined a writers group that has done two things; First, I get out of the house! Once a week my writers’ group meets, and each time I go, I learn something new. Second, it has been a great place to network with others in the community.

Remote work doesn’t have to be lonely. I enjoy maintaining a strong communicative relationship with each of my clients. There are lots of team collaboration apps and communication channels that I’m familiar with. If you’d like to know more about my work ethics and practices send me an email to watkinsdigitalmarketing@gmail.com. Talk soon!

7 Ways To Effectively Use Social Media To Promote Your Content


You finally created a fantastic website for your business. It took a lot of work and research but now here comes the other half of maintaining a website, promoting it. No matter how many keywords and SEO tricks that you have used, you’ll still need that extra push to grab people’s attention.

Here are 7 ways to effectively use social media to promote your content.

Find what social media outlet works best for your industry

Facebook and Twitter are the largest social media outlets on the web. But, that doesn’t mean that they will help promote your business. For example, if you run a job board site, using LinkedIn to promote it would peak the attention of a larger group of people. Do your research before you sign up for various accounts to make sure they are worthwhile and won’t take away time from other aspects of your business.

Use visuals to pull readers in

Catch a reader’s eye when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed with an interesting picture or meme. If you’re not much of a photographer, you can use stock photos from sites like Shutterstock or Creative Commons. You can also spice up a stock photo with Canva.com and create your own free meme, banner, or picture ad.

Headlines are just as important as the content itself

Fun and creative headlines are more likely to catch your audience’s attention but don’t mislead them. A misleading title may draw them in, but you’ll see an increase in bounce rate on your site. Remember, you want to create a unique headline to differentiate you from your competitors.

Find the right time of day to post

It is easy to click the “share” button whenever you want. However, in order to reach the maximum amount of people, you’ll need to know when they are most active on social media. Once you have figured that out, you can then create a time to post every day.

Poll the audience

The only way you are going to know what interests your audience is if you ask them. Quiz your followers or let them chime in what their thoughts are on a particular topic. Questions are a great way to engage with your audience and promote your product or services.

Use online communities to your advantage

A social media community doesn’t stop at the reader’s newsfeed. There are thousands of groups within Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter platforms. Bring awareness to your blog or website by contributing as much as possible to these online communities.

By utilizing one or all of these ways, you’ll have a higher chance at driving social media traffic to your website or blog.

Content Marketing Made Simple

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Hello Entrepreneurs!

Dani here. With this blog, I am ready to begin my journey as a content marketer for hire. By no means am I new to blogging or content marketing. A few years back, I started Bus Fair, a site that I used to vent about having epilepsy. It was more of a diary, so to speak, to write for whenever I got a break from my full-time receptionist job. When I agreed to go through surgery in 2015, I quit my job and became self-employed. I found myself following my passion for becoming a writer, writing for people’s blogs and helping them optimize their websites for SEO.

I encourage you to read through my posts for tips on blog management and to get a sense of my writing style. I’m here because I know handling a blog and email campaigns on top of creating a website while still managing a business all while giving yourself a break at the end of the day is a lot.

If you can relate, please send me an email to quillandinkenterprise@gmail.com to schedule your complimentary call. Let’s see how I can help you expand your business by taking over tasks weighing you down.