Creating Leaders and Enabling Them to Succeed

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Most of us have had at least one moment in our lives where we have thought, “I could lead people; I have those skills,” but often the reality of it is daunting. Leadership is by no means glamorous. It is work that requires patience, the ability to inspire others, do the uncomfortable work needed to solve problems, and call people on the carpet, as well as taking responsibility for any mistakes your team makes. Unfortunately, the common assumption is that leaders are born. That they somehow appear out of the ground a full-fledged leader, by some kind of gift granted to you when you were born, or perhaps some secret magic.

The truth is, leaders are made.

Some are self-made, inherently understanding that reaching their goals requires hard work, discipline, and learning. That doesn’t mean they had the skills from day one, only that they realized early on that they needed to take specific steps to get there. Unfortunately, insight like that doesn’t happen every day. It is more common to have someone else see what you are capable of and inspire you to reach further. The problem with this is that we assume that one has to exude certain qualities for a person to be ‘noticed’ as having the skills capable of being ‘groomed’, for lack of a better word, for leadership.

Our approach to leadership these days is a little off. The truth is, you need a manager or leader to see the potential for leadership in everybody on their team, then give them the training they need to develop and hone those skills. After that, anyone can become a leader with the right manager, training, and a desire to learn.

So, let’s assume you are a manager or leader who wants to inspire your team to become leaders. You realize that it isn’t as simple as seeing their natural abilities and assuming they are already capable of leadership. Instead, you need to support them to become the leaders they are capable of being by providing them with the skills they need. Training leaders seems like an unusual concept. But in actuality, it is no different than training managers or salespeople; it’s about teaching them the leadership skills they need to succeed.

Now, there are lots of books you can read to help you get there.

But these can offer some rather nebulous ideas of what you should or shouldn’t do. Also, they aren’t very personal to you, your skills, and how you handle things. Let’s face it, we are all different; we do things differently, we communicate differently, and we all have our own ways to lead. That’s where a training program like Everything DiSC Work of Leaders can be beneficial. It’s a personalized assessment with adaptive testing to help you really hone in on your leadership style. You get a thorough understanding of where you excel and where you need to focus your attention.

This program also gives you a model to follow to help guide you in pitching your ideas and projects to your teams. Whether it is your 1st pitch or your 151st pitch, this model supports you and your goals, as well as helps you be the leader your team needs. The best part is, it’s centered around this idea that anyone can be a leader, no matter their style. You can be at the extreme end of introvert and be a great leader. You can be all the things that in today’s world we assume you should not be to be a successful leader and still succeed in building strong leadership skills.

Workplace training isn’t just about fixing things that are broken but about growth, improvement, and being your best self.

Investing in training for your team to help them become better leaders sends a strong message that you believe in what they are capable of. That you value them, that their work matters, and that you believe they could move into a leadership role if given the right tools. At the end of the day, great and successful organizations see the value in training and in their employees. They know that anyone can lead successfully with the proper training.

About DiSC Profile

We believe in the important role that training and development play in organizational change, culture, productivity, retention, and growth. DiSC is an exceptional assessment tool that will enhance training programs and provide employers with a robust understanding of their people. DiSC Profile International is partnered with Wiley (formerly Inscape Publishing and Carlson Learning Company) and provides the Everything DiSC, DiSC Classic, and Five Behaviors assessment tools. Year over year, we have been awarded as one of Wiley’s top Diamond partners.

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Finally! A Solution That Will Quickly Help You Find A Job

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Finding a job isn’t easy. Isn’t that the understatement for the year!

It seems to be the case these days that when people set out to find a job it takes more effort than submitting a few applications here or there. Companies set really high standards making it tough to meet if you are fresh out of college. The same goes for if you are changing careers later on in life.

Many times it takes a few years to decide whether or not the career you always wanted is the right fit for you. When you finally do realize that, it takes a lot of courage to change gears and find a job that suits your needs better. There is a lot that goes into searching for a job. Many think that it is creating a good resume, but it turns out that updating your resume is the least of your worries.

I came across a book that takes a different approach to finding a job. Author and Career Coach William Swansen explains in his new book, Selling Yourself Into A Job: A Systematic Approach To Getting Your Dream Job an innovative way to go about one of the hardest challenges in life. 

So how do you find a job?

The book explains that to see results quicker, you have to take action and be aggressive. Swansen writes, “Another key component of a successful job search process is treating it like a job. This means getting up each day with a full schedule of activities, and putting in as much time as you would if you were working an actual job. However, you do not need to devote all your time between three areas: 1. Looking for a job 2. Working part-time 3. Volunteering.”

Swansen’s concept of finding a job as a job is fascinating. When you think about it, it makes sense. There are multiple job board sites where thousands of hungry candidates are fighting for the same job that you are. It can get discouraging when you don’t hear anything back from an employer after submitting a resume. Swansen’s plan walks you through how to stand out amongst the other candidates. This includes marketing yourself using social media 

Because of social media, companies can figure out who you are as a person before they call you in for an interview. If you utilize social media, you can have success with companies coming to you. LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms to be on, even if you are a freelance writer and VA like me 😉

The book goes on to explain how to approach the rest of the job search process. This includes tips on the most intimidating and stressful part, the interview.

Selling Yourself Into A Job isn’t just for people getting jobs in downtown highrises. To my fellow Freelancers and VAs, you can definitely benefit from this book too! When you join sites like UpWork or Freelancer, you are basically starting from scratch. You don’t have any ratings yet because you are new to the site. This makes it tough to bid on projects and set your rate high. You can utilize Swansen’s chapter on resumes to create an outstanding profile on each freelance platform. Additionally, you can use the chapter on cover letters for tips on how to submit a well-written proposal to a prospective client.

Selling Yourself Into A Job is well worth the read. You can find it on Amazon, or at

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Feel More Fulfilled In Life Using These 4 Ways To Achieve Your Goals



In all the Peanuts cartoons, one of Charlie Brown’s goals was to kick the football. Lucy would slyly present him the opportunity and Charlie Brown would run full charge at it. Right before he would get his moment in the sun, Lucy would snatch the ball away, and he would land on his back. Lucy always thought it was a fun trick to play on him. Not so much fun for Charlie Brown who never fulfilled his goal of kicking the football.

When you look at your own life, it can seem like your goals get snatched away by some Lucy character.  Just like Charlie Brown, you feel defeated and sometimes even embarrassed. Lossing site of your goals, or not having any goals, creates a tired and unfulfilled life. With a little effort and determination, you can achieve your goals.

Determine your goals in life

A trend that society sees in millennials is that they show no desire to meet a goal in life. How unfulfilling! Perhaps it is because the first action to take in life is to figure out what you want out of life! It’s one thing to have an idea of what you want to accomplish, it is a whole nother thing to sit down and map out how to achieve that goal. Ask yourself what it is that you are passionate about. Make it specific too. Don’t say, “I want to make a million dollars.” Say why you want to make a million dollars. Give that goal a deadline, and be realistic about it. Ask yourself these questions to help you figure out your goals:

  • Where am I trying to get to?
  • What gets me excited and lights me up?
  • What do I want more in my life? Less in my life?
  • Where do I want to be in 5 years?

Manage your time wisely

This is probably one of the toughest things to do for most people. Life is a juggling act with work, kids, and personal time. It almost seems impossible to add one more thing to do each day so you can meet your goals. It is possible so as long as you make an effort. Figure out a system that works for you. Try creating a calendar with milestones to meet so by the year’s end, you have made it to your goal.

Stay mentally and physically healthy

Whenever you are feeling stressed, angry, frustrated, or sad most of the time it is has something to do with being unhealthy. You don’t have to become a 5-star athlete to avoid those feelings. Simply going for a nice walk outside to get some fresh air is a great way to cleanse the body and mind. You get out into nature and see how beautiful life is which is incredibly motivating. You’ll be more likely to meet your goals when you eat healthy, exercise, and find time for peace and quiet.

Put family & friends first

Keep those you love close to you and save time to spend with them. If your goal is stressing you out, it is good to know that you can spend time with someone who supports you 100%. Plus, spending time with those you love gives you a break to let loose and have fun!

You can meet your goals in a timely manner if you keep these ideas in the back of your head. No worries if you miss a deadline. Think about why that happened, change it, and move one.

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The Realist, Optimist, and Pessimist in Email Marketing Campaigns

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As a busy entrepreneur, it can be easy to get stuck in a negative mindset when it comes to email marketing campaigns. To date, you’ve put a lot of hard work into becoming a company. You created a product or service, named your business, created a logo, and designed a website. Perhaps you went through a Kickstarter, took out a loan, or found someone to invest in you. Then comes the time to create an email marketing campaign. Ugh! Does it even work anymore? Boom! You just became a pessimistic entrepreneur.

Sometimes, expressing comments of doubt or concern with email marketing are not technically pessimistic but are more of stating reality. It’s part optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. Confused? Let’s break the three terms down.


Being optimistic is also when you’re hopeful and confident in a situation. It can mean that you push data and statistics aside to focus on the positive outcomes. That isn’t a bad thing but can catch you off guard when things turn sour. Say you’ve been working on creating an email marketing campaign that totally falls flat. You have a small percentage of people signing up for newsletters, your open rate is low, and there is no click-through rate. If you’re a true optimist, you won’t let this ruin your day! However, being positive and doing the same email marketing campaign over and over with the same results isn’t a good business practice. You need to find a way to change course to see better results.


A pessimistic person is one who tends to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen. Being a pessimist means you go out of your way to find the bad in a situation. You tried email marketing once and will never try it again. You look at what is happening in the present and think that the worst outcome is going to happen no matter what. The problem is you are looking ahead instead of living in the present.


Lastly, a realistic person is someone who is sensible and practical. They have an idea of the expectations of a situation and know what they can achieve and what they can not achieve. When you are realistic, you are perfectly balanced of being both an optimist and a pessimist. When a situation arises, you stay present, look at the data, and go from there.

Benefits of Email Marketing

There are plenty of benefits of email marketing that are often overlooked. Many rely on social media to market their company, but email marketing is as effective as posting on Instagram. Please contact me at for your FREE demo to see how my services can help give you confidence in your email marketing campaigns. All I need to know is a little bit about your business and what you hope to get out of it.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Valid Reasons Why It’s Okay to Quit, Move On, and Pursue Your Passion

pursue your passion

A teacher in her 30s thinking about going back to school to become a doctor, but finding the time to do so seems impossible. An engineer who has a product they would like to bring to market but has a full-time job. An English major doing data entry in a corporate office is dying to publish a book. Something is getting in the way of these people pursuing what they really want.

The fear of quitting.

It’s unfortunate that quitting has such a bad reputation attached to it. Society associates quitting with taking the easy way out or giving up. But sometimes, it is the right move to make. Rather than calling it quits, think of it as following your passion for living a better life.

I quit!

This job

There is nothing worse than making a living doing something that makes your skin crawl. It could have been something that years ago you enjoyed, but not so much anymore. First, you need to figure out what changed from when you first began your career, till now. Ask yourself, “Why haven’t I already submitted my 2-weeks notice?” It very well could be that society judges those based on their careers. Don’t let what others think keep you from going after what will make you happy.

This relationship

Some relationships aren’t meant to be. No matter how hard you try to make them work, they will fail. You don’t have to like everybody you meet or work with. What you do need to do is be tolerant of others. People have their breaking points and as horrible as this may sound, you may want to consider avoiding someone at all costs. A toxic relationship crumbles your self-confidence, passion, and drive.

This habit

A bad habit brings you down and keeps you down. You are a strong person for recognizing that a habit needs to change. This is one of the hardest things people can do in life. When you finally make the effort to change, a whole new world opens up for you. In Charles Duhigg’s book The Power Of Habit, he discusses the reason why it is hard to change something in our lives. His best advice is to try something new for 30 days. That’s it, 30 days and you will break the old and start the new.

All of the above

Seems a little rash to quit everything at once. But they all come together in some shape or form. If you have a toxic relationship with your boss, then quit your job. In doing so you also break ties with people who aren’t worth keeping in your life. Quitting isn’t giving up or being lazy. It’s a tough decision to make, but as soon as you find your valid reason to quit, don’t let anyone change your mind about it. Everyone has quit at one point in their life or wishes that they had. The first step is to recognize your feelings, then work out a strategy to withdraw from the situation.

If you’re in the midst of pursuing your passion of starting a business or service and are in need of some web content help, let me know! Contact me today and get a free demo of how I can help you with your website landing page, blog posts, email newsletter, or product descriptions.