I have been practicing yoga for years now and it has become one of my passions. Excited to find clients who wanted articles, my yogi-self took them on with ease. My articles stem from my practice, which makes it easy to pick out topics, and quickly give you a well-written article. Readers want to relate to what they read. My extensive knowledge about the practice peeks readers interest keeping them on the edge of their seats for the next post.

I am well-educated and know all about poses and different meditation practices. I have contributed to yoga blogs all over the web, creating a reliable network to depend on when promoting one another’s work. Acting as a ghost writer for a retreat center, my articles appeared on well-known sites like Mind, Body, Green and Sivana, a clothing boutique.


“Prana represents our life-force energy and ayama means ‘control.’ Simply put, Pranayama is the control of breath yet its function is far from simple, as it is responsible for the vital energy in the body.  

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