Social Media & Web Content

Today’s hot topic? Social media and how to get your business noticed on the web! In addition to providing information about social media trends, I have written web content for sites being built by other freelancers. Researching your competitors is one way to better optimize your site. But there are other tools out there, like social media, that can help out.


“Beyond the Feed is an add on to LinkedIn’s current advertising structure. It may cost more, but you will reach even more people than you think. Say you are a computer software startup company. Your goal is to reach a corporation so they will consider partnering up with you. There are software companies all over the country that interest you, but what about companies overseas?

Beyond the Feed is exactly what you need. With Beyond the Feed you don’t have to worry about finding the right sites to advertise on in other countries. LinkedIn takes care of that for you with their certified partnerships.”social media


FBX is programmed to display advertisements on Facebook when a user is on a desktop. Now, people are spending less time on their desktops and more time on their phones. Recently, Facebook accounted that 82% of its ad revenues now come from mobile devices. For FBX, this means this advertising tool isn’t reaching as many people as it once did.

Facebook shutting FBX down doesn’t mean the end of advertising on Facebook. To adjust to market trends, Facebook will now focus advertisements built for mobile devices. Facebook has already started to move advertisers over to their new mobile solution.”