digital marketing specialist

Here’s a peek into my digital marketing beginnings.

I have always been passionate about marketing. It all started when I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. Following my intuition, I majored in English Literature and Communication. I took my degrees and geared them towards helping businesses maintain their social media platforms and data.

I worked full-time as a social media marketing assistant in the tall high rises in downtown Denver. Eager to eventually start my own business I started Bus Fair, a blog about what life is like with epilepsy. My passion was to spread the word about aspects of epilepsy that people may not know about. The focus of the blog was about not being able to drive and the funny stories that come with using rideshare services and public transportation. I took this as an opportunity to learn about how to drive traffic and engage users with a blog.

After working as a marketing assistant in offices and dealing with the headache of public transportation, I decided to quit the hassle of commuting and become self-employed. I enjoyed all the work I did for my employers and learned a whole lot from them. With the help of some career coaching, I found my way onto UpWork. Now, I act as a digital marketing specialist helping entrepreneurs all over the country in all different types of industries. I enjoy helping clients with their marketing tasks with a focus on writing blog articles, creating fun social media posts, and managing advertising campaigns. Of course, I am always happy to provide assistance wherever it is needed.

While being a digital marketing specialist is my priority, I also enjoy creative writing. I have written a wide array of short stories, personal essays, and poems. Currently, I am working on my first novel that fictionalizes real life events. For samples of my work, please visit the portfolio page.

I have all the tools, a quiet office setup, and attention to detail that makes for the ideal digital marketing specialist. So let’s chat!