20 Great Websites Where You Can Learn Something New Every Day

element5-digital-OyCl7Y4y0Bk-unsplash (1)Learning something new daily is one of the top ways to keep the mind sharp. The brain is a muscle that you must frequently exercise to stay in tip-top shape. Discovering a new skill, language, craft, or instrument is a great way to put your mind to work. The problem most people run into is feeling like you have too much going on to start thinking about signing up for a class. You can no longer use that excuse in this digital age! There are many different websites and apps where you can learn something new while enjoying a quick coffee break at work.

Take a look at the sites below where you’ll be able to learn something new every day.

Course offering sites

If you never took a philosophy class and have always wanted to, you can now do so from the comfort of your own home. You will find more than video lectures online. These websites will assign you homework, and you’ll have access to the instructor via email. All of these sites are a great resource if you are looking to advance in your career or looking to change careers altogether.

Coursera: Affordable online courses from the world’s top universities. Get a degree in data science, computer science, business, and more.

Udemy: Similar to Coursera, but less formal and is not associated with any university in particular. You can learn topics to excel in your career taught by top experts in the field.

Linkedin Learning: LinkedIn Learning teaches business topics like career development, leadership, marketing, and tools to help you become a better employee or boss.

Codecademy: Learn to code for web development, computer programming, or data science. Practice and submit your work to their community of coaches and learn how to code in no time.

OpenLearn: Brush up on your skills and take a course with OpenLearn. They have courses on every topic you can think of, and best of all, you have access to everything for free.

Learn a new language

Whether it is to expand your business, or get ready for a trip to another country, learning a language has never been more accessible. You can hop online for ten minutes a day and learn a new phrase in Portuguese and then the next day learn the same sentence in French.

Babbel: Babbel is an interactive platform that teaches you new languages in relatable contexts so you can remember words easier.

Busuu: Join a community of those learning a new language! Get feedback and personalized plans to help you become a fluent speaker of another language.

Memrise: Expand your vocabulary with Memrise, a language teaching app where you can learn on the go.

Duolingo: Duolingo is free and makes learning a new language fun. The platform is less formal and uses games versus flashcards to teach you.

HelloTalk: Learn a language by chatting with native speakers around the world.

Learn a new craft or hobby

Even the busiest people have time to enjoy something completely unrelated to their careers. Learn how to draw, sew, or even become a rockstar with these websites.

Drawspace: All the fundamentals for learning how to draw beautiful and intricate images.

Cooksmarts: Get the basic cooking skills everyone needs to be an excellent chef.

Blueprint: Previously Craftsy, Blueprint has project kits and instructors to teach you how to sew, quilt, dance, and more!

Yousician: Learn how to play guitar, bass, piano, the ukulele, or even how to sing. You can get real-time feedback and teacher-crafted lessons to get you to become the musician you’ve always dreamed of being.

DoYogaWithMe: Take a 5-minute break in your workday and get a good stretch in!

Learn to learn

General info sites are also a great resource to keep in your back pocket. Rather than browsing social media while in line at the grocery store, head on over to these sites. They have everything from topics like “the secret to giving day-old french fries a second life” to “how to remove screws with stripped heads.” Take a look for yourself!

Wikihow: Learn from others how to do anything! Wikihow is a worldwide collaboration site with articles written by users explaining step-by-step ways about how to go about a task.

Big Think: Big Think is another site that has articles, videos, and podcasts that teaches lessons by experts in the field.

Zidbits: Learn something new daily and explore the fascinating articles Zidbits offers. Their articles answer questions you never thought to ask!

TedTalks: TED’s website has videos from leading experts that are motivational, interesting, and worth spending 10 to 20 minutes a day watching.

Wonder How To: Learn lifehacks you can use in your everyday life with Wonder How To.

Challenge yourself to find time to learn something new each day! With all of these websites available, you’ll be sure to find your next favorite activity or skill that will help you excel in your career.

Enjoy your time learning without having to worry about website development. I am more than excited to create website content for motivated entrepreneurs who value the importance of continuous learning. Learn more about my web content here or email me at quillandinkenterprise@gmail.com Talk soon!

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