Why Being A Very Responsive Blogger Is Important For Your Business

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As a freelance blogger, you have to be aggressive when it comes to getting a new client. To stand out amongst your competitors, you have to show the client your best qualities. It isn’t all about being the best at what you do. It is how well you treat your client that matters the most. This includes being a blogger who has a quick response time when it comes to keeping in touch. Here’s why.

It’s respectful

The number one reason to be easily responsive to your client is to show that you respect them. To go off the map for a few days makes a huge difference in business. Your client is waiting for their articles and being slow to respond to any emails can affect the way their business runs. Entrepreneur Magazine sums it up perfectly, “Give respect. It costs nothing to be courteous, but you can pay dearly if you aren’t.”

Avoid missing deadlines

Business owners have tight deadlines to follow in order to continue to grow their business. If they are waiting a day or more to hear back about their blog posts, you are causing them to miss out on opportunities. Instead, keep in communication with them and be upfront if you are running behind on a project. Your client will appreciate a heads-up so they can adjust things on their end.

Shows you take yourself as a blogger seriously

You may not feel like it, but as a blogger, you are a business owner. People will be able to tell how seriously you take yourself as a business owner based on your response time. The slower you take to respond to them, the more likely they will come to the conclusion that you aren’t as committed to your blogging services as you make yourself out to be. They will be much more impressed and want to work with you if you respond in a timely manner.

How long should it take you to respond to a client?

Now that you know how important it is to respond to a client quickly, the question becomes how quick, is quick? Forbes Magazine explained the psychology of email response times in a society of smartphones and wifi. “Expect a response within an hour. Thanks to portable electronic devices, about 50% of replies are sent in fewer than 60 minutes. After 48 hours days, there’s little chance of a response.” Keep your phone handy in case something comes through when you are away from your computer.

Don’t get too stressed about responding to a client’s email within minutes of receiving it. Rushing to answer their question can lead to mistakes and miscommunications. Rather, be sure that you keep in contact frequently. This even means acknowledging that you received their email and are looking into their inquiry. Clients appreciate quick response times because it keeps projects moving along generating more business for both you and them.

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