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selling yourself into a job

Finding a job isn’t easy. Isn’t that the understatement for the year!

It seems to be the case these days that when people set out to find a job it takes more effort than submitting a few applications here or there. Companies set really high standards making it tough to meet if you are fresh out of college. The same goes for if you are changing careers later on in life.

Many times it takes a few years to decide whether or not the career you always wanted is the right fit for you. When you finally do realize that, it takes a lot of courage to change gears and find a job that suits your needs better. There is a lot that goes into searching for a job. Many think that it is creating a good resume, but it turns out that updating your resume is the least of your worries.

I came across a book that takes a different approach to finding a job. Author and Career Coach William Swansen explains in his new book, Selling Yourself Into A Job: A Systematic Approach To Getting Your Dream Job an innovative way to go about one of the hardest challenges in life. 

So how do you find a job?

The book explains that to see results quicker, you have to take action and be aggressive. Swansen writes, “Another key component of a successful job search process is treating it like a job. This means getting up each day with a full schedule of activities, and putting in as much time as you would if you were working an actual job. However, you do not need to devote all your time between three areas: 1. Looking for a job 2. Working part-time 3. Volunteering.”

Swansen’s concept of finding a job as a job is fascinating. When you think about it, it makes sense. There are multiple job board sites where thousands of hungry candidates are fighting for the same job that you are. It can get discouraging when you don’t hear anything back from an employer after submitting a resume. Swansen’s plan walks you through how to stand out amongst the other candidates. This includes marketing yourself using social media 

Because of social media, companies can figure out who you are as a person before they call you in for an interview. If you utilize social media, you can have success with companies coming to you. LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms to be on, even if you are a freelance writer and VA like me 😉

The book goes on to explain how to approach the rest of the job search process. This includes tips on the most intimidating and stressful part, the interview.

Selling Yourself Into A Job isn’t just for people getting jobs in downtown highrises. To my fellow Freelancers and VAs, you can definitely benefit from this book too! When you join sites like UpWork or Freelancer, you are basically starting from scratch. You don’t have any ratings yet because you are new to the site. This makes it tough to bid on projects and set your rate high. You can utilize Swansen’s chapter on resumes to create an outstanding profile on each freelance platform. Additionally, you can use the chapter on cover letters for tips on how to submit a well-written proposal to a prospective client.

Selling Yourself Into A Job is well worth the read. You can find it on Amazon, or at

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