The Realist, Optimist, and Pessimist in Email Marketing Campaigns

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As a busy entrepreneur, it can be easy to get stuck in a negative mindset when it comes to email marketing campaigns. To date, you’ve put a lot of hard work into becoming a company. You created a product or service, named your business, created a logo, and designed a website. Perhaps you went through a Kickstarter, took out a loan, or found someone to invest in you. Then comes the time to create an email marketing campaign. Ugh! Does it even work anymore? Boom! You just became a pessimistic entrepreneur.

Sometimes, expressing comments of doubt or concern with email marketing are not technically pessimistic but are more of stating reality. It’s part optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. Confused? Let’s break the three terms down.


Being optimistic is also when you’re hopeful and confident in a situation. It can mean that you push data and statistics aside to focus on the positive outcomes. That isn’t a bad thing but can catch you off guard when things turn sour. Say you’ve been working on creating an email marketing campaign that totally falls flat. You have a small percentage of people signing up for newsletters, your open rate is low, and there is no click-through rate. If you’re a true optimist, you won’t let this ruin your day! However, being positive and doing the same email marketing campaign over and over with the same results isn’t a good business practice. You need to find a way to change course to see better results.


A pessimistic person is one who tends to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen. Being a pessimist means you go out of your way to find the bad in a situation. You tried email marketing once and will never try it again. You look at what is happening in the present and think that the worst outcome is going to happen no matter what. The problem is you are looking ahead instead of living in the present.


Lastly, a realistic person is someone who is sensible and practical. They have an idea of the expectations of a situation and know what they can achieve and what they can not achieve. When you are realistic, you are perfectly balanced of being both an optimist and a pessimist. When a situation arises, you stay present, look at the data, and go from there.

Benefits of Email Marketing

There are plenty of benefits of email marketing that are often overlooked. Many rely on social media to market their company, but email marketing is as effective as posting on Instagram. Please contact me at for your FREE demo to see how my services can help give you confidence in your email marketing campaigns. All I need to know is a little bit about your business and what you hope to get out of it.

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