How Taking A Personality Test Can Make For A More Productive Team

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As a virtual assistant, you put yourself out there meeting people all over the web. You could be the best at what you do, but sometimes things don’t work out between you and your entrepreneur. That’s why taking a personality test could save you a lot of heartache. Read on to see why you’ll be more productive by using a personality test to assess whether or not you’ll work well with an entrepreneur.

Less conflict

You want to work with someone that you can relate to. If your personality doesn’t mesh well with your entrepreneur’s personality, the likelihood of getting into an argument is higher. Knowing that both you and your entrepreneur have the same mentality eliminates pointless arguments. Not only is that good for your entrepreneur’s business, but it makes being a virtual assistant much more enjoyable.

Better communication

A personality test also helps to reveal the best way that you communicate. Take that knowledge and find an entrepreneur that communicates the same way. There are a lot of ways to communicate when you work remotely in addition to phone calls and emails. Online messaging apps like Slack, HipChat, Skype, and Zoom are free to use and make working virtually easier. Using the wrong type of communication can get confusing and cause issues. With less back and forth, you’ll be able to complete tasks on time.


Working with someone online requires a lot of trust. There are plenty of horror stories of people getting hacked, spammed, or lied to on the web. When your personality clicks right away with an entrepreneur, they’ll trust you to handle more tasks. They’ll also be able to trust you with more private matters like managing email accounts, calendars, or even handling purchases with their credit card.

Learn the same way

When learning about an entrepreneur’s business, you want to be able to catch on right away. Training will go smoothly when you work with someone who has a similar personality as yourself. For example, it helps to start out knowing that you are working with an entrepreneur who asks a lot of questions just like you do. This way, you’ll both have realistic expectations and tolerance for one another’s learning capacity and speed.

Get the right entrepreneur

You may think you know everything about your personality but take a personality test anyways to get a more in-depth analysis about yourself. Use this assessment to figure out how much of an introvert or extrovert you are. The web is full of fun quizzes that show what food you relate most to, or what animal you were in a past life. Instead, take a real personality test like the DISC assessment or Myers-Briggs. There are free versions of these tests, but they may not show the most in-depth analysis. Take a test anyway to get a general idea about aspects of your personality you may never have thought about. When you have a better idea of how you work, you can pick and choose an entrepreneur that you know you’ll have a successful relationship with.

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