5 Bad Habits Every Virtual Assistant Needs To Ditch

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Even though you don’t want to admit it, as a virtual assistant you are guilty of bad habits. The key is to figure out what they are so that you can get rid of them, and get rid of them for good. It can be tricky to pinpoint what your bad habits are. As a VA, you may think that something you do contributes to your success, yet it is actually holding you back. Or sometimes the only thing holding you back from being victorious in life is you.

Conquer anything in life by giving up these 5 bad habits. 

Quit feeling sorry for yourself

Stop feeling like life is cruel and figure out how to work through issues you may be going through. Having a pity party because you haven’t met you quarterly goal is a waste of time.  To become successful, you need to be tough and driven by failure. Hike up your pants, learn from your mistakes, and get back into the market.

Perfection doesn’t exist

That may sound pessimistic, but give up on that idea and it will surprise you on how much you can get done. Assistants take on tasks that are crucial to finish on time. Take writing a blog post or content for a newsletter. Going back and rereading it to make sure it is perfect hurts productivity. It causes you to keep changing the content over and over. Finish it, edit it, and send it off to your entrepreneur. Most likely, they will approve it and send you over the next project.


Saying “Yes” when you should be saying “No”

Saying “Yes” to every project that your entrepreneur sends your way can make or break your career as a virtual assistant. Take managing a website. If you have no idea how to do so, you lose credibility. Your entrepreneur may think twice about what you are capable of and will have trouble letting go of tasks. Be upfront and honest with them about what you are an expert at. They’ll appreciate it even if it feels like you are letting them down.

Forcing yourself to get along with everyone

Don’t feel like you have to work with someone just because they are paying you well. You’re not always going to get along with everyone and that’s okay. If you and a client don’t seem to be seeing eye to eye, then that’s when it is time to move on. Remember to be polite about it. As the saying goes, there is plenty of fish in the sea. Every day entrepreneurs are looking for someone to take over tasks interfering with running their business. You won’t have an issue finding someone who you’ll get along with.

You can’t control life

Things will happen and sometimes there isn’t a darn thing you can do about it. You’ll have sick days, appointments, tech issues, or issues in your personal life. It is what it is. Accept that you can’t control those things and focus on what you can control. Stress is a big one here. Step away from the computer, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Things will work out, they always do. Take these tips into consideration and success will come your way.

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