Tips And Tools To Know When Working With A Remote Staff

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As a virtual assistant, I have learned a lot about working with a remote staff. I know from experience that if you don’t set a few ground rules in place, things can get disorganized quickly. This issue came about recently when I picked up a client new to working remotely with someone.  The main problem was that emails were getting misinterpreted and she found the organizational apps I recommended to be confusing. To get things back on track, I thought it would best to work things out over the phone. But because we were in different time-zones, we would miss one another’s calls easily.

All I could offer her was advice from my past experiences with clients. Luckily, I came across an article on that explained the best practices to put in play when organizing a remote staff. The tips I found got us to schedule phone calls, share a calendar, and work better together in general.

Take a look at An Eight Step Guide To Finding, Selecting, and Managing Remote Staff by Ben Walker. If you’re like me, the tips found here are something to take with you to each new client you bring in.

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