6 Virtual Assistant Tools To Simplify Your Life


I am OCD when it comes to maintaining my business, and using the right virtual assistant tools keeps me sane! If emails aren’t in their designated folders or I have to double-check my calendar, I begin to breathe heavy, sweat, and panic! Well… not really. But, an unorganized email inbox or lack of faith in a calendar is overwhelming and can cause problems when I am planning out my week. Take a look at these 6 free web tools that I highly recommend to any business owner to stay organized and on task.


First and foremost, every business owner should put on a good face via the web by adding a signature at the bottom of every email. Stand out and spice up your signature with WiseStamp. Add information like your phone number, website, and email address. Include your logo or a picture of yourself. Also, connect with your clients on social media faster by adding buttons linked to your accounts.


This is a CRM (Customer Relations Management) tool that can be installed in your Gmail account. With Streak, you can multitask, collaborate, and track emails. Even for personal use, it is great. Say you are job hunting and want to track job alerts and responses from potential employers. Set up a “Pipeline” for Career Search and keep all your notes in your inbox, versus in multiple areas like a spreadsheet or calendar.


Boomerang is another extension of Gmail that schedules when to send emails out. It also reminds you of when to send follow up emails. It is a great app for those who like to plan ahead.


If you sign a lot of documents, you’ll want to get HelloSign. This is an e-signature app that eliminates the process of printing the document, signing it, then scanning it back to the client. Instead, HelloSign keeps your digital signature on file. All you have to do is drag and drop your signature where your John Hancock is needed on the document. Poof! Signing contracts just got a whole lot easier!


Make scheduling your next meeting simple with Doodle. Set up an event and pencil in the date and times that you can meet with others. Doodle allows you to effectively communicate with several people all at once so that everyone is on the same page before the meeting.

Timer Tab

How many times do you get sucked into a project and miss a phone call? Or perhaps you spent too much time on one project and now have limited time to complete the other? With Time Tab, you can set up a timer so you’ll never be late or miss a conference call again. Plus you can also add fun timers from YouTube to get you out of that workday trance.

Do you still need some organization in your business?

That’s why I’m here! Please contact me for your FREE demo to see how my services can help increase engagement, gain followers, and free up your time. It takes less than five minutes to fill out. All I need to know is a little bit about your business and what you hope to get out of it.

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