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Hello Entrepreneurs!

Dani here. With this blog, I am ready to begin my journey as a content marketer for hire. By no means am I new to blogging or content marketing. A few years back, I started Bus Fair, a site that I used to vent about having epilepsy. It was more of a diary, so to speak, to write for whenever I got a break from my full-time receptionist job. When I agreed to go through surgery in 2015, I quit my job and became self-employed. I found myself following my passion for becoming a writer, writing for people’s blogs and helping them optimize their websites for SEO.

I encourage you to read through my posts for tips on blog management and to get a sense of my writing style. I’m here because I know handling a blog and email campaigns on top of creating a website while still managing a business all while giving yourself a break at the end of the day is a lot.

If you can relate, please send me an email to to schedule your complimentary call. Let’s see how I can help you expand your business by taking over tasks weighing you down.

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Hi there! My name is Dani and I am a digital marketing specialist that loves to blog! I enjoy helping small businesses promote themselves on various social media platforms. I have experience with guest blogging, backlinks, and Facebook advertising. I also enjoy managing my own blog, The Book Smuggler's Den.

4 thoughts on “Content Marketing Made Simple

    1. Hi Steven! I began my blogging career a couple years ago when I started a blog about living with epilepsy. I used my experiences to try and teach how to live a mindful life. Since I officially became a freelance writer, I have written on a broad range of topics! Anywhere from what yoga poses can help with back pain to how to de-skunk a dog. I am also writing my first book and am about half way through.

      How about you? What do you like to write about? I always love to ask!

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      1. For my personal blog, I focus on the craft and business of writing. For most of my published nonfiction pieces it has been in survival and wilderness topics. My real passion is writing narratives in the military fantasy genre. I have yet to get a novel published, though I have had some luck with short stories.

        Do you prefer a niche when it comes to freelancing?

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  1. I am now following your blog, great stuff! Congrats on the short stories, I have found contests to be tough but I’m still trying. I enjoyed your post about working for nothing just to say you have been published. I found that out the hard way myself.

    I freelance on topics that I know versus topics that will just pay me. Currently, I have enjoyed writing for a Yoga retreat center, as well a client who needs information about social media and for some reason cats too. I find it to be a lot of fun! Hopefully here soon I can find something that is a little more stable and pays better.


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