10 Laws Of Social Media Marketing That Results In Success

I recently had a conversation with a new client about how social media marketing could help her business. She said that it takes up too much of her day and she doesn’t have the time to learn how social media marketing works. “I need to focus on my business! I don’t understand why some of my posts reach a large audience, while others don’t.”

“You’re not alone in wondering why that is,” I told her.

Many times clients come to me explaining that they have a large following on Facebook or Twitter, but see little engagement from them. Or, they say that they aren’t seeing the ROI in the amount of time they spend doing social media marketing.

There’s no denying that social media marketing is time-consuming and if you don’t know the right formula, you won’t see the results that other businesses brag about. Want to know the juicy secrets to it? Check out this video from Entrepreneur Magazine where they reveal the 10 steps you should be taking in order to see that ROI other businesses are talking about.

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