The Secret to Exceptional Self-Discipline Isn’t What You Think Via Inc. Magazine

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I follow Inc. Magazine on Facebook and while scrolling through my newsfeed I saw an article about self-discipline by Jessica Stillman. I love reading articles and books about how to become a better person. Or how to become a more productive person. Here’s the catch. I don’t relate to everything on those listicles posted on every social media platform there is.

I’m not a morning person. I can’t stand running. For the life of me I couldn’t accept the Keto diet (I love pasta too much). AND I am an introvert that is scared off by large groups of people.

The thing is, if you force yourself to do those things you don’t like, you are actually being counterproductive. I noticed that with my most recent adventure with trying out the Keto diet. Every meal I made was bland and tasteless despite following recipe¬†after recipe.

It all makes sense. The diet was something I felt forced to do and thus I failed at it. Now that I am back on my usual diet and regime, I am happier and I can see that effect on other aspects of my life. Including the work I produce.

Interesting stuff to think about. I encourage you to check out Stillman’s article here.