Valid Reasons Why It’s Okay to Quit, Move On, and Pursue Your Passion


A teacher in her 30s thinking about going back to school to become a doctor, but finding the time to do so seems impossible. An engineer who has a product they would like to bring to market, but has a full-time job. An English major doing data entry in a corporate office, but is dying to publish a book. Something is getting in the way of these people pursuing what they really want.

The fear of quitting.

It’s unfortunate that quitting has such a bad reputation attached to it. Society associates quitting as taking the easy way out or giving up. But sometimes it is the right move to make. Rather than calling it quitting, think of it as following your passion to live a better life.

I quit!

This job

There is nothing worse than making a living doing something that makes your skin crawl. It could have been something that years ago you enjoyed, but not so much anymore. First, you need to figure out what changed from when you first began your career, till now. Ask yourself, “Why haven’t I already submitted my 2-weeks notice?” It very well could be that society judges those based on their careers. Don’t let what others think keep you from going after what will make you happy.

This relationship

Some relationships aren’t meant to be. No matter how hard you try to make them work, they will fail. You don’t have to like everybody you meet or work with. What you do need to do is be tolerant of others. People have their breaking points and as horrible as this may sound, you may want to consider avoiding someone at all costs. A toxic relationship crumbles your self-confidence, passion, and drive.

This habit

A bad habit brings you down and keeps you down. You are a strong person for recognizing that a habit needs to change. This is one of the hardest things people can do in life. When you finally make the effort to change, a whole new world opens up for you. In Charles Duhigg’s book The Power Of Habit, he discusses the reason why it is hard to change something in our lives. His best advice is to try something new for 30 days. That’s it, 30 days and you will break the old and start the new.

All of the above

Seems a little rash to quit everything at once. But they all come together in some shape or form. If you have a toxic relationship with your boss, then quit your job. In doing so you also break ties with people who aren’t worth keeping in your life. Quitting isn’t giving up or being lazy. It’s a tough decision to make but as soon as you find your valid reason to quit, don’t let anyone change your mind about it. Everyone has quit at one point in their life, or wish that they had. The first step is to recognize your feelings, then work out a strategy to withdraw from the situation.

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