#WednesdayWisdom: Don’t Be A Jimmy

Only on a bus in Colorado would you see an ad like this…


In all seriousness, there has been a lot in the news about the legalization of marijuana. More specifically there is a lot of buzz about Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is the non-psychoactive component in the marijuana plant. Science is showing that CBD is helping to reduce seizures for those living with epilepsy. It also helps those with anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s, heart diseases and more.

You would be surprised to see where CBD pops up. I was able to have a “hemp” shot in my tea from a local organic grocery store (God I love Boulder and its hippies). Even though I am in a state where marijuana is legal, I don’t think we are too far off from having CBD in the vitamin section of big box grocery stores across the nation.

For more information about CBD, visit Project CBD’s website. They have a ton of information about the science behind CBD, conditions it helps, news, and more.

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