4 Ways To Bounce Back After You’re Knocked Down


“I get knocked down, but I get up again!”

Remember that ‘ol 90’s tune? Well as old school as it is, I have always loved that message. To me, the song talks about how to get back up again after you experience disappointment. I can certainly relate to that as I’ve gotten knocked down a few times already this year. Last week I really hit the ground hard. 🙁

Once again, I felt like giving up. But then what? Just hang out in limbo forever?

So, what to do when you are feeling frustrated, helpless, and tired of the same ‘ol crap that seems to keep happening?

You get up again.

How? It is so hard to bounce back after experiencing a huge disappointment. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do so. Whatever it is that you are facing there are a number of ways to leave the pity party you have thrown for yourself. Here are 4 ways I motivate myself into a better mindset to combat those negative thoughts and feelings after I experience disappointment.

Fix it

This past holiday season my clients seemed to disappear. I was pretty blue about it and blamed myself for losing them. I snapped right out of that mindset and set to work on how to fix the situation I currently found myself in. I sent follow up emails, made a better business plan for the year, and altered my resume to make me more appealing. I even went out and learned how to be a good transcriptionist, a gig I have never done before until now. Guess what? My old clients came back, I gained new ones with my resume, and I am now on track to meet my yearly goal.

Learn from it

Take note of what just happened and learn from it. You may not be able to prevent it, but if it happens again, you’ll know how to avoid heading into a spiral of self-pity. For example, if I have a breakthrough seizure (yes they still happen even after I had surgery) I know how to react to it better than I have ever before.

Let it go

Easier said than done. But the only way to walk away from getting dumped, losing a job, or having a breakthrough seizure is to deal with it for a certain period of time, then let it go. Whenever I have a breakthrough seizure, yeah I am bummed. But if I dwell on it and play the blame game, the seizure wins. It is hard, but it is the same as anything else. Losing a job sucks, but so does being on unemployment because you are too depressed to look for another job. By letting it go you are flipping the bird to that negative situation.

Find the silver lining

I’m going to be frank as I have always been about my seizure condition. I had the surgery, and continued to have seizures. SEE! You see what I did right there? I made it seem like the surgery was a waste. But the fact is I have had five seizures in a year. Five. So it did work, but not to the degree that we were all hoping for. But I have to count my blessings that it was an option and that I can do it all over again. Always, always, always see the good in what appears to be a bad situation. You’ll be thankful you did!

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