Taking The Leap To Become Your Own Boss


Which is scarier: Brain surgery or becoming a freelancer?


Ha, I kid. Brain surgery was frightening, but it prepared me to face anything scary in life. That includes not returning back to work after my surgery. A thousand thoughts went through my head when I thought about whether or not I made the right decision. For me, what it came down to was I just spent an entire year in and out of the hospital and it was probably for the best that I eased back into a “normal” life. This included finding a job.

Then along came the idea to turn my passion for maintaining my blog into a business. Just like when deciding to have surgery, the idea came along with questions, worries, and stress. These are the questions I asked myself before taking a leap of faith into becoming a freelancer.

What will people think of me?

One thing that really got to me was what people thought of my new career path. Then it came to me… why should I care about what people think? The same went for my decision to have brain surgery. It wasn’t my neighbor’s head getting drilled into, it was mine! Be confident in your decisions and realize that it doesn’t matter what people think.

But what if I fail?

If is the key word here. I had that same thought about brain surgery. There was a 20% chance that it would fail and I spent some time worrying about that. It’s not like I could change the statistic, but I could change my attitude about it. Same with becoming a freelancer. Spending your time worrying about whether or not you’ll be successful, only takes away time and effort from doing so.

Should I take the plunge or wade in?

Both! If you do have a full-time job, don’t quit just yet. While you still do have a full-time job, spend your free time doing research, research, and more research. There are thousands of articles that give tips about being a freelancer, like this one. 😉 It wasn’t until I did my research did I find out how many websites are out there where that you can make money on!

Will my identity be protected?

Just like in any job, you need to record your earnings so that when Tuesday, April 18th rolls around, you can properly file your taxes. Sending my SSN and picture ID to random sites made me uneasy. Unlike walking into an HR office with these important documents, you are sending them to someone you’ve never met before over the web. This goes back to doing your research first. Once you have verified that the site is reputable, then go with it. It is easy to think people are trying to scam you somehow, but have faith that whoever is on the backend of these websites is a hard worker just like you and wants to protect your identity.

How about you? What makes you nervous about setting up a business? How do you combat those feelings?

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