Dani Watkins

Dani Watkins

Digital Marketing Specialist

Why hire a Digital Marketing Specialist anyways?

There is no denying it. As an entrepreneur your schedule is packed tight of things to do. Phone calls to make, deadlines to meet, and of course marketing your services. You're not alone in wanting an assistant to help out, but where to go about hiring someone? Thanks to the internet you can work with me, an experienced digital marketing specialist to handle your advertising campaigns, social media accounts, web content, blog, and more.
A digital marketing specialist works on your schedule, despite not being there physically beside you. With all the communication channels available, you will always be able to connect.
More work in less time
Teaming up with a digital marketing specialist is a great way to create marketing campaigns, web content, articles and more in half the time it would take you if you tried to do it all yourself.
Cost effective
Every small business owner gets to a point where they need someone else to create a new marketing strategy. Hiring a freelance digital marketing specialist takes care of that and more.
Work-Life Balance
As a small business owner, it can seem like your life is consumed by nothing but your business. Offloading something as important as digital marketing allows you to make time for family, friends, and yourself.


As a busy entrepreneur or small business owner, you need an experienced digital marketing specialist to take on marketing and advertising tasks that are weighing you down. It always seems like the last thing you want to do after a long day’s work is to deal with social media or write a blog post. These tasks take you away from running your business and interfere with your work-life balance. Just think, if you could delegate those tasks to someone else, how much time would you gain? You’re taking a big leap of faith giving aspects of your business to someone else and it’s crucial to find that right person fit to handle those tasks.

That’s where I come in as a digital marketing specialist for hire.

As a trustworthy and experienced digital marketer, I have helped many entrepreneurs free up time so that they can focus their energy elsewhere. I specialize in blogging, copywriting, social media marketing (free and paid), common projects that my clients need to promote themselves, but don’t have the time to devote to. I know how to market your website by connecting with others in the blogging community created unbreakable and lasting ties. My skills and extensive knowledge about search engine optimization give your business that extra boost on the web so you bring in more clients and make more sales.

I have a complete in home office setup and positive attitude that makes running a business fun and successful. Curious and want to know more? Then schedule a meeting with me today to see what I can do to for you!

You’re in luck! New clients get 20% off the first 30 days!

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